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Creating a brighter tomorrow.

Why we started

One candle has the power to induce nostalgia, boost your mood, reduce stress, and even enhance productivity. However, each year millions of candles get tossed away due to inconvenient reusable options and limited refillable candle wax options. We believe there’s a better way to use candles. A way to reduce waste, while giving you a cleaner candle experience.

Hundreds to one

In many instances, each time you want a new candle scent a vessel is then added to your collection. This takes up space in your home and creates unnecessary waste in our landfills. Now you only need one.

Hours to seconds

The majority of finished candles are thrown away due to time consuming options of cleaning out the remaining wax. The possibility of the vessel breaking due to rapid temperature changes also makes it dangerous. Now it takes just a push of a button.

Less waste, more value

The price of a candle is largely determined by the cost of the vessel. By eliminating the vessel from each purchase, we can offer luxury candle refills for an affordable price. Now you pay for what matters.

Now yuno

A candle made for you.