If you know, yuno.

Why we started

Each year millions of single use candles get thrown away due to the limited options available to reuse and refill your candle. Most of which end up in landfills and take years to break down.

We set out to make a candle that is so easy to reuse and refill, that you would never think about throwing it away.

You only need one

We created a candle vessel that can be reused in seconds. Our innovative design allows you to change your candle scents with just the push of a button.

All candle, no vessel

Our vessel-free candle refills are sized to fit perfectly inside our candle vessel. A combination of clean fragrances, cotton wicks, and hand poured wax leads to the perfect burn.

Used over new

We believe there is a unique beauty behind each use of your candle. Don't throw it away once the wax is gone. Reuse and refill it over and over again. Take care of your candle and your candle will take care of you.

Now yuno.

A candle made to last.